*Epitome Single Sided PCB plant is producing around 80000 SQM per Month due to great support from all of our Customers !

*Double Sided & MLB Plant is now producing around 5000 SQM per Month & supplying to various segment like , automotive, Energy Meter , Power , Consumer , Defense & few more..

*Epitome started production of Metal Clad PCBs with high volume & supplying within India & Germany.

*Epitome is winning various awards from our valuable Customers


   Manufacturing Facilities
Eptiome is having three manufacturing plants. Out of these two plants are dedicated to Single Sided PCB production.
- -
Plant-1 Plant- 2
Address -G-17, MIDC,Ahmednagar-414111.( Maharashtra- India) Address - C-40 , MIDC , Ahmednagar-414111 ( Maharashtra - India)
Land Area - 8400 sqm Land Area - 8400
Construction area - 4000 sqm Construction area - 2500 sqm
No of Employees – Staff & Engineers - 95 No of Employees – Staff & Engineers. - 35
Workers - 250 Workers - 180
Sqm capacity Month - 60000 sqm per MONTH Sqm capacity per Month - 40000 sqm per MONTH

Cad/Cam Works Station

Screen Preparation Facility

Class 100,000 Clean Room For Fine Line Circuit Printing

Fully Automatic Printing Machines With Ccd Camera Alignment

Most Modern Five Chamber Etching Machine With Fine Line Capability

Automatic Guide Hole Driller

Advanced Power Presses With Fine Piercing Systems (50 Ton To 160 Ton)

Our Final Cleaning Line And Process Control Ensures Boards Are Free From Ionic Contamination

Cnc Drilling & Routing For Medium & Small Volumes

Hot Air Leveling (HAL)

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