Indian PCB market and Potential for EPITOME.

Indian PCB industry currently going through big changes recently after some technological changes in product and Govt. policy towards localisation through PLI and restricting Imports to reduce increasing import bill of electronics.

Introduction of DOB technology in lighting makes big change in lighting industry as drivers got out and metal PCB Takes bigger demand. India is not competitive in Metal PCB due to not having enough ecosystem so all market is Open for china but on the other hand EPITOME has got very big open market which can be develop and replace

China PCB from the same. The volume is so big that small market share will also increase epitome capacity two times or three times

going ahead. For this epitome will invest in automation And volume manufacturing with focus on quality and reliability against china PCB for single side PCB.

For Double side and multilayer PCB there is dumping from china with low quality cheap PCB but govt. change in policy Restricting appliance assembly, Mobile chargers (high watt) and new electronic ems coming to india under PLI or expanding Their capacity becoming more financially sound is good for EPITOME going ahead. This will give boost to EPITOME sales two Times or three times in next 5 years. For this EPITOME has to do rapid expansion and more broad base product to be focus Going ahead with turnover over 500 cr plus.

I see huge Potential in next 10 years for EPITOME and India in electronic sector were world is going china plus policy.

Mr. Ravi Sharma