*Epitome Single Sided PCB plant is producing around 80000 SQM per Month due to great support from all of our Customers !

*Double Sided & MLB Plant is now producing around 5000 SQM per Month & supplying to various segment like , automotive, Energy Meter , Power , Consumer , Defense & few more..

*Epitome started production of Metal Clad PCBs with high volume & supplying within India & Germany.

*Epitome is winning various awards from our valuable Customers


RF Printed Circuit Board
Prodcution Capacity - 7000 sqm/month
Sector Catered - Cellular Base Station, Radar, Aerospace, etc.

Prodcution Capability

Types of Laminates : Taconic, Arlon, Neltec, Isola, Rogers.
Laminate Thickness : 0.2mm to 3.2mm
Cu Foil Thickness : 35 micron , 105 micron
Minimum Track Width : 4 mil
Minimum Spacing between the Tracks and Pads : 4 mil
Maximum PCB Size : 630mm X 1800mm
Minimum Hole Size (CNC Drilling) : 0.2mm
Surface Finishing : Immersion Tin , OSP, HAL (Lead Free/ Tine Lead)
Specification. Standards : IPC-A-600, IPC-SM-840, IPC-RB-276, IPC-TM-650. MIL 55110P, MIL P13949G

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